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Clean Desk Clear Mind

As a cleaning solutions company,  it is great to start a new contract with the client assuring us that. We operate a clean desk policy” –– fast forward  2 weeks – a jumble of papers, brochures, etc…With a 10 pence piece size of desk visible for cleaning.

Now more than ever it is so important that desks can be. Cleaned either by the employee or cleaning staff. 

What to do? You don’t wish to disturb work in progress. But as we see the tumbleweed of dust accumulate behind piles of paper some action needs to be taken by both the client and cleaning services and solutions ourselves.

What is a clean desk policy?

A clean desk policy instructs that all employees must clear their desks at the end of the working day- this not only includes documents but post-it notes, memory sticks, and business cards too.  It is mainly to help the organization reduce the risk of any security breach caused by sensitive information being left unattended-This is not demanding that employees depersonalize their workspace, but implement a daily routine of tidying away to ensure safety and professional office cleaning service.

6 benefits of a clean desk policy

  • According to an IDC report a typical employee spends 2.5 hours a day searching for information – that’s a lot of wasted money and time- in addition to this a clean desk policy will encourage better use of digital versions, reducing the organizations costs on paper, ink toner and printer costs.
  • Good impressions- a clean and tidy organization looks efficient and presentable to anyone who decides to visit.
  • Compliance- a clean desk policy is ISO 27001 compliant & the UK’s data protection act requires organizations in the UK to ensure information is kept secure.
  • Discourages prying eyes- Employees often leave sensitive information on their desks. Post-it notes often contain names, phone numbers, and passwords- these habits encourage dishonest employees, medical cleaning services Wolverhampton, or maintenance staff to view this information.
  • Reduce stress- a place for everything & everything at its place- will allow employees to concentrate on their work rather than stressing as they can’t find things quickly.
  • Reduces the spread of germs as the desks can be cleaned properly and with the appropriate cleaning product. It also speeds up the process of cleaning so less time is required to clean thoroughly.

Implementing a clean desk policy

  • Get rid of documents securely- use a secure shredding service to dispose of sensitive information
  • Encourage electronic documents whenever possible
  • Provide lockable cabinets or storage for individuals
  • Add a reminder of the policy to Email signatures-
  • Enforce it with random checks by someone responsible and ensure upper management takes it seriously too-as they usually have even more important documents to hand and should encourage staff by leading by example.

If all else fails – 3 simple steps

Before you leave

1) Tidy your desk

2) Lock your screen

3) Put away sensitive documents-

From cleaners everywhere to employees who adhere to this- thank you

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