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Cleaning contractors?

Want 10 good reasons to bring in cleaning contractors?

Hiring professionals to regularly cleaning your office makes perfect sense – or does it?

If you solely rely on your employees to keep your office space clean and tidy or directly employ your own cleaner. Why would you bother?

Maybe you feel that you’re reasoning that you do not unnecessarily spend on things that aren’t critical to your business. In the light of our present situation not just with COVID-19 but the other transferable. Viruses that massively deplete workforce and productivity can you afford not to?

Hiring professionals in medical cleaning west midlands to regularly clean your office makes perfect sense – or does it?

If you solely rely on your employees to keep your office space clean and tidy or directly employ your own cleaner why would you bother?

Maybe you feel that you’re reasoning that you do not unnecessarily spend on things that aren’t critical solution cleaning service to your business. In light of our present situation not just with COVID but also with other transferable viruses that massively deplete workforce and productivity, can you afford not to?

Let us take a look at 10 great reasons why you should consider hiring a professional cleaning team.

1. Time and Cost Savings
2. Staff Productivity
3. Staff Morale
4. Health and Safety
5. Company Image
6. Experience and Expertise
7. Fit for Purpose Products
8. Correct Equipment
9. Tailored for You
10. Peace of Mind

1. Time and Cost Savings


The first and most obvious reason business owners avoid using a UK cleaning solutions number and the cleaning contractor is the costs involved. However, if your employees are expected to spend their time cleaning on top of their regular day-to-day responsibilities or you have to schedule and manage a cleaner or a cleaning team is that productive use of your

By using a professional company, you can avoid the awkward problems of creating a cleaning rota, staying on top of the schedule, and ensuring a high standard of
hygiene. When one staff member is not cooperating or a cleaner is deemed to be slacking off, this can create ill-feeling amongst the whole team which could easily be
avoided if that responsibility was given to a subcontractor.

Are the cleaning requirements and timings correct and schedules for consistent cleaning, organized and written down. Unless it is within your realm of expertise,
you have no way of knowing that a generic cleaning schedule is delivering your business cleaning requirements. A contractor will tailor and schedule a cleaning
service that fits in with your business needs delivered at a time that fits in to suit your workforce. 

2. Staff Productivity 


Without question, a clean and pristine office environment is proven to positively affect staff productivity. A messy office that is unhygienic and cluttered
will only act as a distraction and affect concentration levels.

The connections are very simple. If your office feels uncared for, messy, and lacking any care or attention, this will filter down into the standards of work produced. If you set high standards of cleanliness, your staff will most likely set the same high standards in their work ethic. 

3. Staff Morale

Following on from above, if your company displays a willingness to want to maintain a clean and healthy working environment, this can only be a positive thing – giving
confidence for the return to work and maintaining a positive environment for staff to work.

Employees that come to a clean and fresh office every morning will undoubtedly feel more cared for and valued. Your commitment to them will maintain good staff morale levels and give them a positive attitude towards you as an employer. “Employees that come into a clean and fresh office every morning will undoubtedly feel more cared for and valued.” 

4. Health and Safety

An accomplished cleaning professional will know how and where to disinfect correctly specifically concentrating on all touchpoints. If the build-up gets out of
control, the spread of germs will lead to ill health amongst your staff including respiratory issues, colds, flu, and allergies. With staff sicknesses costing businesses
millions every year, is cutting corners really saving you money?

Desks, keyboards, monitors, and mice will be suitably cleaned to prevent the spread of germs, especially in offices that encourage hot-desking and shared cubicles.
Quality contractors are experts on healthcare cleaning Dudley in the workplace too- a good one will do a risk assessment and cover all areas required with information on
COSHH and color coding- and well insured too if the worst should happen

5. Company Image

First impressions last and if a visitor comes to your workplace and sees an environment that is scruffy and unclean. Their opinion of your company will not be a
positive one which could cost you a contract or a lucrative piece of business, all because you failed to hire a professional cleaning contractor! 

6. Experience and Expertise

By using a professional office cleaning service company, you are taking advantage of their experience and knowledge and can expect a high standard of service.

Properly trained cleaners will know precisely how to clean the various parts of your work environment and apply best practices to ensure surfaces aren’t just wiped, but
cleaned deeply to ensure you are getting value for money and a job well done.

Timings are correct and schedules are written down so every cleaner becomes accountable and is monitored on these standards Smart uniformed staff and cover
staff is trained and competent ensuring a consistently high standard of cleaning. 

7. Fit for Purpose Products

A professional cleaning company will use products that do the job they are intended for. Experience in where and how much to use, will save the client money and
reduce wastage. Effective cleaning products rather than shop-bought products meant for domestic cleaning, smell good and deep clean and are safe for the
workplace– New products are tested and then introduced to deal with different workplace cleaning issues due to the contractors’ vast cleaning knowledge. 

8. Correct Equipment

Professional cleaners come armed with a whole range of tools and equipment specifically designed to clean offices daily, meaning you don’t have to
concern yourself with spending money on items such as commercial or industrial cleaning products or large scrubbing machines. Maintenance and PAT testing are
down to the contractor – one less thing to worry about. 

9. Tailored to You

The best contract cleaning companies will always strive to understand what cleaning service will enhance your workplace and tailor a cleaning schedule that is suited to your business that they feel will maintain the correct standards. It is standard to expect a site visit so they can inspect your premises and discuss
your needs.

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach, so every customer they deal with will have a specific set of requirements and expectations
that they will fulfill each time their cleaners visit your offices. This can range from daily office cleans, to window cleaning, carpet cleaning, school cleaning services Wolverhampton, washroom consumables, and more.

10. Peace of Mind

It’s difficult enough trying to run a business without having the additional worry of needing to organize a daily or weekly cleaning rota, or search for a replacement
cleaner when your cleaner is absent. Why have the headache and responsibility for keeping your offices and work areas clean when someone else can manage it and
free up this time for you?

So if you’ve reached the realization that office cleaning duties should be left to the professionals, take a look at or contact us on 01902
663727 safe in the knowledge that all of your needs for a clean and healthy work environment for your employees and visitors are delivered to your exact requirement

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