You are currently viewing Lawrence Cleaning Ltd is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Lawrence Cleaning Ltd is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Lawrence Cleaning Ltd is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Here three generations of the Lawrence family talk about how they work together to keep some of the biggest
businesses in the Black Country sparkling clean.

Ever wondered how the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre stays so tidy and clean – even
during the busy panto season?

Or how the Severn Valley Railway keeps its stations in tip-top condition?

The thing that these and dozens of schools, doctors’ surgeries, factories and offices across
the West Midlands have in common is that they work with Lawrence Cleaning Ltd.

This year Lawrence Cleaning celebrates its 40th anniversary, and founder Winnie Lawrence said she couldn’t be prouder of the business that has been created.

“It brings tears to my eyes when I see how hard my family have worked to make the business a success,” said Winnie, 85. “They haven’t sat back and let it drift along, they’ve continued with our core values of quality and integrity to make the business a resounding success.

“One thing that has always set us apart is that we look after our staff and never ask our cleaners to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. It’s one of the reasons why we have cleaners that have stayed with us for decades, and tell us they love coming to work everyday.”

Winnie started the business in 1983 after she took on a part-time job with a cleaning company in Wolverhampton, and found herself running it.

“My children, Wendy and Paul, had started at school and I was looking for a part-time job to
bring in some extra money,” said Winnie, who had grown up in Wolverhampton. “From the age of seven I’d gone out cleaning with my mum Elizabeth, and I just loved it – there’s nothing more satisfying than leaving somewhere sparkling clean and tidy.

“I got a job as a cleaner and ended up becoming supervisor and manager. I was so hands-on
that everyone thought I was the boss, so when the chance came to buy the business I snapped it up.”

To begin with, Lawrence Cleaning operated out of the garage at Winnie and her husband
Arthur’s house in Stourbridge, but it wasn’t long before the business began to grow and
they moved to their own offices.

Winnie’s son Paul took over as managing director in 2001 and this year he handed over the reins to his son Alex. Paul said: “From the beginning my mother instilled values of quality, reliability, and honesty into the business, knowing that these would be essential for establishing trust with clients.

“We were able to expand the business and take on bigger contracts, while still maintaining the high standards that had been established. One thing that sets Lawrence Cleaning apart from other businesses is our commitment to supporting local communities.

“This extends to our staff recruitment policies, with all our cleaners being employed within close proximity to our clients’ premises. This not only benefits the communities we serve, but it also has a positive impact on the local economy as staff are likely to spend their salaries in the area.”

As well as their commitment to social responsibility, the Lawrence family also puts great
emphasis on upholding professional standards. This includes a rigorous training program that all cleaners must go through before joining the team.

They only use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for the client’s premises. They also invest in the latest equipment to ensure that they are using the most efficient techniques.

The company’s new managing director, Alex Lawrence, said they have become stronger thanks to their family-centered approach.

“Our professional approach with a personal touch is what sets them apart from our competitors,” said Alex. “By being involved in all aspects of the business, from staff training to client meetings, we have created an environment where clients are treated like friends, and staff feel like they are a part of one big family.

“My grandmother started a legacy that has been expanded and developed by my dad. To be taking over as managing director is very exciting and I will continue with the company’s core values, while building on the incredible success of the last four decades.”

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