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Colour code for health

Colour code for health

The term ‘cross-contamination’ is most commonly used when talking about food prep or health care facilities, but cross-contamination can occur anywhere, including the workplace.

The word simply refers to bacteria being spread between people, surfaces, food, and other common touchpoints. One person in your business in contact with bacteria is all it takes for cross-contamination to occur

Examples are – Shaking hands after using the toilet without first properly washing hands. Touching raw meats and then preparing vegetables without washing hands between tasks. Using an apron to wipe hands between handling different foods, or wiping a counter with a towel and then using it to dry hands.

It is a huge concern for employers especially now with COVID-19 – but when we return to ‘normal’ with colds & flu and norovirus outbreaks it would be advisable to implement a cleaning plan.

  1. Implement a personal hygiene program.
  2. Remind employees to wash their hands.
  3. Good cleaning regime ensuring regularly sanitized touch areas.
  4. Using different color chopping boards, cleaning cloths, and healthcare cleaning west midlands.
  5. Use ‘ fit for purpose’ cleaning products.

Talk to your cleaning company about their sanitizing routine. Ensure they use color-coded cloths and mops and buckets – or invest in these yourself if you don’t use a cleaning contractor.

Lawrence Cleaning use ;

  • Red for Danger = Toilets
  • Blue for Kitchens
  • Yellow for General Cleaning
  • White for Toilet Sinks
  • Green for Surgeries

Ensure everyone knows what the colors refer to by putting charts up so staff can check them.

Good quality products like anti-bacterial spray/wipes, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner used for the individual places will ensure a clean and healthy environment.

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