You are currently viewing Better the devil you know? Not if their service is constantly bad!!

Better the devil you know? Not if their service is constantly bad!!

Better the devil you know? Not if their service is constantly bad!!

As people return to work . Now more than ever your workplace should exude cleanliness service that is second to none. 

If you look around the workplace and get the feeling that it just isnt clean. Your staff will lose confidence and give rise to the fear that COVID. Is lurking ready to jump out and attack at any opportunity.

School Cleaning Companies Birmingham:

We are all concentrating on touchpoint and school cleaning companies Birmingham . Door handles  Light switches  Banisters and rightly so. With lessening emphasis on removing. The fire extinguisher’s furry jacket . Evicting the unwanted spider. And his home web and erasing the natural build-up. Of dust and dirt in nooks and crannies. The workplace can begin to feel shabby.

Sometimes it is a lack of time or a lack of schedule for structured cleaning. To suit the workplace that can quickly create issues.  The cleaning staff stops seeing. What needs to be done and gets complacent.  A good cleaning company encourages regular visits by managers to support the cleanliness. And hi-light areas where there are failings- retraining staff or advising on new products or equipment where standards are not being met.

Changes to the times of opening often impact the cleanliness staff. Preference for staff to arrive before or after employees have left. Ensures cleaning can be fully completed. Discussions regarding access, security, and safety need to be entered into.  At Lawrence Cleaning we use external logging in service. To ensure the safety and the monitoring of staff work times. This has proven to be invaluable as it flags up issues of non-attendance and short-time working. But more importantly, raises the alarm if cleaners are not signed out and maybe in trouble.

The job of a cleaner is to be organized. By her employers to deliver the correct education cleaning. Walsall for the workplace he/ she is in. Guidance on the right products to use, the color-coding system that stops cross-infection, and appropriate health & safety training are all part of the support to the cleaning staff to ensure their safety and yours. If this is not happening for you and the headaches of employing cleaning staff are more of a migraine,  now may be time to look at changing.

 Forget ‘ better the devil you know – if the following is familiar


    • Feel complaints fall on deaf ears- with little response from cleaners or back up from cleaning contractor

    • Headache at managing your cleaning, either external  contractors or employed cleaners

    • Fed up with coming in each morning and despairing at the standards.

    • Staff is fed up and demoralized with the conditions they are working in.

Guidance on making an educated change :


    • Google local cleaning companies- checking reviews or getting referrals from fellow business owners

    • Set and agree on target levels for the acceptable standards and specifications of how often /where and when cleaning will take place.

    • Utilize the expertise of the cleaning company for them to organize schedules and monitoring.

    • Agree on regular report meetings to suit you, to encourage good communication and a pro-active approach.

    • Have a budget in mind and get a guarantee for the delivery of the services needed.

    • Most importantly – pass the headache to someone else – whose job it is to be accountable to deliver this service

Clients sometimes worry about any upset by the change over from their employed cleaners or the changing of cleaning contract companies.  

At Lawrence Cleaning we guarantee a smooth transition with an agreed schedule of timings for the positive changes.

Go on -be bold – take the devil by the horns and make the change …..

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