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Our company has grown a lot since our inception in 1983, but we've still retained the friendly charm of a small, family operation.

Our entire team - from cleaning personnel to management - share a commitment to providing excellent cleaning services to each and every client.

Two values that we always strive for at Lawrence Cleaning are reliability and consistency. As part of our commitment to a dependable, continuous service, we directly manage and employ all of our cleaning team.

This “hands-on” approach means we can assign specific operatives to each site to ensure a good personality match, as well as giving us ultimate control over standards of cleanliness and staff presentability. We also manage unplanned absences so you don’t have to. Through regular and open communication with our clients and fostering a positive and flexible attitude in our staff, we aim to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Professional Cleaners

Professional Cleaners

Friendly, reliable, and fully managed cleaners who work to a mutually agreed cleaning plan.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts

Completely bespoke and adaptable cleaning services to meet your precise needs.

Outstanding Service

We aim for complete client satisfaction with every clean - nothing less.

Extensive Range

We also provide carpet and window cleaning, janitorial consumables, and grounds maintenance.

Lawrence Cleaning have been our cleaners for over 28 years, a recommendation in itself. They have a strong desire to ensure we are satisfied with the quality of service  given and continuity of staff is most appreciated.
Martin Parker - Senior Partner- Muras Baker Jones