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Company Overview
Making the difference


Lawrence Cleaning enjoys over 35 years of excellence in commercial cleaning.

Based in Dudley, Lawrence Cleaning is a leading West Midlands commercial cleaning company. We achieved our leading position and growing reputation by providing a quality service, meeting and repeatedly exceeding client expectations and winning recommendations from highly satisfied clients.

Our management's commitment to the highest standards is also shared by our fully qualified, site-specifically trained staff, each employed directly by ourselves.

Our Aims

Through consistently high standards and attention to detail we regularly receive the best type of recommendations - word of mouth! By investing in our staff and hiring for attitude we encourage commitment, accountability and a responsibility to deliver their best.


The people who work at Lawrence Cleaning Solutions share the vision and values of our community.

We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and pride.

Two values that we always strive for at Lawrence Cleaning are reliability and consistency. As part of our commitment to a dependable, continuous service, we directly manage and employ all of our cleaning team.

This “hands-on” approach means we can assign specific operatives to each site to ensure a good personality match, as well as giving us ultimate control over standards of cleanliness and staff presentability. We also manage unplanned absences so you don’t have to. Through regular and open communication with our clients and fostering a positive and flexible attitude in our staff, we aim to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing – Engineering – Warehousing

Reliable, skilled cleaners are invaluable to companies in the industrial sector. You need trustworthy, dependable staff who understand a site’s individual requirements, and simply get the job done.

Lawrence Cleaning Ltd have over 35 years’ experience in working with manufacturing, engineering, and warehousing sites across the Black Country. We’re well-versed in industrial health and safety practices, and recognise that no two sites are ever quite the same.


Consistency and reliability means a lot to us, so we directly employ and manage all of our cleaners. This allows us to assign specific personnel to each site and manage unplanned absences in house - resulting in a continuous service.

Because cleaners may be on-site when most of the workforce aren’t around, we understand how security and confidentiality can be a concern. However, you can rest assured that our cleaners are trustworthy and professional.

Lawrence Cleaning Ltd have a reputation for offering hardworking personnel who turn up as agreed – even if that’s early in the morning or late at night. We’re trusted by companies across the region to help maintain a tidy and productive space, so your team can continue their valuable work.

Call us on 01902 663727 or email sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk to claim your free quote today!


Managers of healthcare practices naturally want to provide a hygienic and safe environment for service users and staff.

However, managing outsourced cleaning staff, maintaining consistent standards of cleanliness, and producing hygiene audits for bodies like the Care Quality Commission can pull a practice’s management team in numerous different directions.

Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness is paramount, and Lawrence Cleaning Ltd are here to lighten the load.


We have over 35 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, and dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of hygiene, record keeping, and staff management. We’ll work closely with you to produce a thorough and tailored cleaning plan that meets your practice’s needs whilst also issuing cleanliness reports to governing bodies on your behalf.

All of our cleaning staff are employed directly by us, so we can easily oversee standards of hygiene. Each site is assigned regular staff with specific roles to ensure consistency, and cleaners are trained in methods that help minimise the spread of infections.

Lawrence Cleaning Ltd are committed to exemplary standards of hygiene, so your team can provide the best possible care.

Give us a call on 01902 663727 or email us at sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk to claim your free quote today!

Professional Cleaning for Office Sites Large & Small

Every employer needs their offices to be well-presented and clean for staff and visitors alike, but there are many pressing concerns that arise when sourcing a reputable cleaning company.

Value for money, professionalism, and security are all important considerations; and ones we take very seriously at Lawrence Cleaning Ltd.

We recognise that anyone at your premises represents you as a company; rest assured that our cleaners are always presentable and approachable whilst on site.

Our cleaners are all directly employed and managed by us. We deal with staff absences in-house, so you won’t be left without a cleaner in cases of unplanned leave. Specific cleaners are carefully paired with each site, providing a consistent service and a good personality match.

When inviting in a new cleaning service, many companies also worry about confidentiality and data protection. We ensure that our staff are trustworthy and thoroughly background checked.

Lawrence Cleaning Ltd have over 35 years' experience in providing dependable cleaning services, and are trusted by companies across the Black Country to maintain a healthy and welcoming space for employees and visitors.

Interested in a free quote? Call us on 01902 663727 or email us at sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk for a friendly chat about your cleaning requirements.


Reliable and Trustworthy Cleaning for Schools, Colleges, & Higher Learning

Maintaining clean and healthy premises is essential for educational establishments of all sizes. A tidy and hygienic campus creates a positive environment for both students and staff - the best possible surroundings for learning.

But finding reliable cleaning services can be troublesome. Will cleaners reliably attend every day? Will good standards be upheld over time? Will the cleaners be trustworthy and represent the institution well?

At Lawrence Cleaning Ltd, we totally understand these concerns. Our whole team of cleaners are DBS checked and employed directly by us. This “hands on” approach allows us to maintain exacting standards of cleanliness, substitute unplanned absences promptly, oversee staff presentability, and provide the highest possible calibre of personnel.

Specific cleaners are assigned to each site, each with set roles to ensure consistency. Lawrence Cleaning Ltd have over 35 years’ experience in providing reliable contract cleaning services to satisfied customers all across the Black Country.

By taking the hassle out of managing cleaning duties, we leave you free to focus on creating a positive and engaging learning experience.

Why not get in touch and claim your free quote? Call us on 01902 663727 or email sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk to discuss your cleaning needs today.

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