Specialist School Cleaning from Lawrence Cleaning within the Education Sector

Seek first to understand and then be understood’

We believe to provide a remarkable and tailored cleaning service we have to understand the needs and demands of your school or college.

It is our aim whilst working closely with you as a partner, to play a key role in enhancing the image, hygiene and cleanliness of your establishment. A positive learning environment will attract the best students and staff and impress visitors.

Your directly employed staff can become our staff –Transferring them under TUPE – then retraining and managing them to deliver the cleaning services you need. Team- spirit needs to be reignited when staff have been cleaning the same way for years.

By building a good working relationship that ticks your boxes and delivering great cleaning – the need for constant change and the pain of sourcing new suppliers is removed. To meet your expectations we provide:

- Tailored Cleaning Programme- Specific hours and services that fit your needs.

- Scheduled and timed areas – ensuring working hours are correct & structured timings

- Regular review meetings with the client and our staff – ensures consistency in service

- Regular Auditing of cleaning standards and staff attendance- consistency in service and staff accountability

- DBS checked staff, managed and trained – staff are accountable and trustworthy

- Attendance monitored by Ezitracker- logging in- simple time and attendance monitoring managed by our staff.

- Great products and consumables – supplied directly- ease of ordering and delivery - a one stop shop

How can we help you make a difference??

Speak to us at Lawrence Cleaning on 01902 663727 or email sales@lawrencecleaning.co.uk

Lawrence Cleaning have been our cleaners for over 28 years, a recommendation in itself. They have a strong desire to ensure we are satisfied with the quality of service  given and continuity of staff is most appreciated.
Martin Parker - Senior Partner- Muras Baker Jones